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Welcome to the home of the Community Kit for SharePoint : Sandbox Tools Edition (CKS:Sandbox)

A free community tool to aide in the administration of Sandbox Solutions within your SharePoint 2010 Farm.
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The initial feature set would include the following (all of which would be configurable and editable at the farm level):

CKS:Sandbox Version 1.0 includes the following functionality:

Validation Functionality
The highly configurable validation engine runs using SharePoint Solution Validators. This allows you to customise a set of rules that are checked each time someone tries to Activate a sandbox solution anywhere in the SharePoint Farm.

  • Fully configurable Validation Rules allowing you to check Sandbox Solution Packages for:
    • Validate specific solutions using their unique Solution ID
    • Assembly Public Key Tokens to only allow specific SNK files to be used during development
    • Assembly names using wildcard matching.
    • You can validate the Type Namespaces for each type in the assembly, using wildcard matching, such as "Microsoft.SharePoint.*"
    • You can specify Blocked File Types by file extension (such as JS or XAML)
    • You can validate the content of each file in the solution using RegEx or Wildcard matching (such as blocking <script> tags)
  • You can set the default Validation Behaviour allowing you to Allow All or Block All for the different Validation Rule types
  • You can enable / disable Enforce Validation and choose whether to block solutions when a solution fails validation

Error Mesages and Emails

  • You can enable / disable Email Notification and receive emails to a configurable email address when a solution fails validation
  • Standard "CKS" error messages and pages are provided with the tool and displayed to end users if a solution is blocked during activation
    • You can use your own custom error messages by providing a URL to your own ASPX pages

Admin Tools

  • The Manage Sandbox Solutions page allows you to view every single Sandbox Solution currently installed in your farm;
    • Grouped by Site Collection, showing the Name, URL and current Resource Point Quota
    • Provides a link to the Site Collection Solution Gallery where it is stored
    • Shows the Solution ID, Title and Description information
    • Shows the Activation status of each Solution, and how many Resource Points it has currently consumed.


Wish List

  • Enforce validation rules by URL path of the Solution Gallery
    • e.g. Only enable it for the My Sites web application
    • e.g. Disallow for the Archiving Site Collection

If you have any suggestions for features then please let us know through the Discussions threads!

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