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Installation Instructions

The CKS:Sandbox release is a Farm WSP package. In order to install it simply deploy that WSP to your farm and deploy it (it will require a Global deployment).

There is a CKS: Sandbox - Setup feature which is added to Farm Features. It will be automatically activated when the WSP is deployed.
This feature does the following:
  • Adds menu shortcuts to the Central Administration main page
  • General Settings created with defaults to "Allow All" (so that it doesn't actually block anything by default)
  • Validation Rules list created .. where you can store all of your Validation Rules

(it is doing a bunch of other things in the background, including installing the main Sandbox Solution Validator which does all of the grunt work)

Uninstallation Instructions
To uninstall you can simply retract and remove the WSP from your farm.

Note - retracting the WSP will not delete any of your settings. If you re-install the WSP then CKS: Sandbox will start working again. If you want to completely clear your system then you need to delete the CKS: Sandbox Validation Rules list which is in the Central Administration site

Upgrading from the Beta
Note - If you are upgrading CKS:Sandbox from one of the Beta builds the recommended approach is to simply uninstall the old WSP and install the new one, the re-activate the CKS:Sandbox Setup Farm Feature. If you find you are having problems with the Validation Rules not showing changes, then delete the list and re-activate the CKS:Sandbox Setup Farm Feature_ which will re-create the list from scratch for you.

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