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Scenario 3 - Block everything, but have customised error pages

This is a more simple and draconian requirement, but some people do like to turn Sandbox Solutions off! If you use CKS:Sandbox then in the General Settings you simply set the default settings to Block All and no solutions will be allowed in (assuming you haven't added any allow validation rules that is!)

In order to explain to your users why they can't use Sandbox Solutions you can then create your own customised corporate "error / explanation" pages and attach these (again, using the CKS:Sandbox General Settings). That way .. when a user tries to use Sandbox Solutions you can give them a detailed message explaining why it has been blocked, and perhaps telling them which route to take if they want to get a validation rule installed.

Note - Custom error messages is yet to be released and is in development. Default CKS:Sandbox errors are however in place

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